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My husband, Benson Riseman, and I were recently featured in Class Magazine about our philanthropic endeavors here in Las Vegas. You can see a copy of the particle below.

Source: Class Magazine

Benson and Lee Riseman have individual histories of business and philanthropic accomplishments. Together, they support shared and person passions, including Big Brother Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, Nevada Ballet Theatre and The Smith Center for the Performing Arts -- where Benson proposed to Lee in 2016.

I endorse what Lee is involved with because of all the things that are good about her causes, and she does the same for me. Together, we are a force moving forward with a belief that philanthropy is more than the money you have. It is the time and effort you put forth. - Benson Riseman

As Las Vegas grows, the needs of the city are changing. I think we are going to see a lot of new outreach programs that are going to need attention and time. Our goals and vision will change with the community, and I think it is that flexibility that will keep us both separated and together in our beliefs, goals and dreams. - Lee Riseman

Benson and Lee Riseman in CLASS Magazine

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